Niteo Analytics for Smart Factory

A solution that uses AI to help businesses optimize their energy consumption, make more accurate predictions about energy usage, and improve production KPIs.

Intelligent power analysis for optimized production.

Niteo Analytics for Smart Factory enables organizations to determine the best production configurations for manufacturers to optimize energy consumption, identify inefficiencies, and reduce losses. The Azure-based solution monitors IoT sensors and uses predictive analytics, including machine learning, to automatically make changes to energy consumption and any other important production KPIs. The solution continuously collects and analyzes data in real time and comprehensive reports are accessible via web- and mobile-based dashboards.

Reduce costs

Real-time identification and remediation of energy inefficiencies that generate unnecessary costs.

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Identify costly energy consumption issues and other inefficiencies as they happen.

Ensure you’re executing the most efficient setup every time a production or process is changed and whenever there is a change in supply conditions or availability of resources.

Reduce costs associated with sub-optimal energy consumption by addressing inefficiencies as they happen.

Real-time alerts to your mobile and desktop devices keep you informed wherever you are so you can take immediate action.

Scalable and flexible

Custom-trained machine learning models optimize energy usage intelligently and adapt as you grow.

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Niteo trains the ML model specifically for your organization’s unique needs.

Solution can grow as your production numbers and practices do.

Get more from legacy investments by intelligently leveraging data from sensors that are already in place.

Automatically and intuitively fine tune energy consumption parameters according to specific process and production needs for any scale.

Enables Intelligent decision making

Proactively adjust energy consumption parameters for maximum efficiency.

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Predictive analytics dashboards give easy access to all relevant energy consumption data.

AI-driven platform “learns” from historical data and adjusts its algorithms to automatically optimize energy consumption.

Understand the best configurations for specific production lines for optimal energy efficiency.

Customize KPI reporting for your specific needs.


Built on Azure.

Microsoft Azure AI and IoT services provide the deep learning and analytics framework that Niteo leverages to build, deploy, and manage monitoring and predictive analytics solutions for their manufacturing customers. Azure’s flexible tools allow Niteo to help their customers intelligently optimize and predict energy consumption during production by collecting and interpreting data collected at the edge.

Data ingestion

Use case:
Gas usage monitoring for mills and mines.

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Edge intelligence

Niteo Analytics for Smart Factory helps you monitor gas usage and operations using your existing sensors.

Cloud connection

The Niteo team helps configure your gateway to upload data to the cloud, where it is analyzed by machine learning algorithms.

Cloud services

Your Microsoft Azure subscription provides a secure, scalable and resilient platform for your data and Niteo solution components.

Cloud intelligence

Niteo algorithms eliminate small fluctuations and use machine learning to give you real-time and historical views of your gas usage.

Management Experience

Your team uses our Microsoft Power BI dashboards to review usage so you can optimize operations.

About Niteo

Niteo was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing technology and services that transform data into relevant information for customers who want to achieve higher levels of productivity, agility, and efficiency. Since then, more than 800 thousand hours of projects have been delivered to more than 250 companies.

Gold Certified Partner

Niteo’s partnership with Microsoft can be measured by the cumulative number of successful cases, constant investment in training and certification, and recognition of Niteo as Gold Certified Partner.

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